Customer Reviews
Linemak HD-MAK IP Dome camera 1/2.8 SONY 2Mp 1 LED 20ftsIR IK10/IP66
Wednesday 11/18/2015
Excellent ip camera. Works stable. Thanks to seller.
Wednesday 03/18/2015
Monday 03/16/2015
The quality of this camera cost twice with other sellers online. I am testing this and will make another order soon. I bought this model and another hdmak. The image its just unbelievable
Thursday 02/05/2015
Product as advertised. Came with a really nice easy to use video recording software. Installed 4 with no problems. Would recommend this product to those interested in video surveillance.
Thursday 02/05/2015
very clear video, much better than my old camera. easy to install, run the software that comes with CD, will see the camera IP address right away, click it, then I see the video. So easy!!! The phone app is also nice, with the paid version, I even can playback the video via phone. multiple screens on the phone as well. overall, i give full stars for this camera.
Friday 01/30/2015
Great Camera for the Price, i now have a total of four of these cameras and will be purchasing more in the near future.
Wednesday 01/28/2015
This is a great camera, once you get by the setup. It has the best day and night performance of any camera I have used, including ones that cost much more. . Physical installation is easy because you don't have to string a separate power cable; it can use power-over-the-ethernet. It comes with browser-plugin software that is useful for simple viewing and setup.
Thursday 01/22/2015
I simply do not understand how or why this IP66, Vandal Proof, 2MP (1080 x 1920), POE, IP camera is costing so much less than even the most mainstream brands such as Axis.
Friday 01/16/2015
Top of the Line
i have been looking and buying some ip cameras out there and nothing compares to this one. i bought 3 HD MAK cameras from this company and i will be buying more soon since the customers I have installed them are very satisfied and that helps alot. I hate selling cameras that my customers call me in days to complaint about the image or blurry images. This is really top of the line
Monday 01/12/2015
really outdoor use
cool design,even can install outdoor,and can use tf card record,i will have many projects need it
Thursday 11/06/2014
Image and camera are very