Wireless magnetic contact for doors with panic button
  • Wireless magnetic contact for doors with panic button - Image 1
  • - Wireless magnetic door contact.
  • - This product works perfectly with any of our central alarm systems.
  • - Tamper switch activates the alarm when its violated.
  • - Operate on three AAA batteries.
  • - Contains a panic button.
  • - Batteries not included.
  • The LA-CM209 is a fully supervised mini style magnetic contact transmitter. It features door/window close/open instant alarm function. It features a built-in reed switch (that opens upon 2cm removal of a magnet placed near it). Each input has a unique 36-bit Code ID, selected in the factory from over 16 million possible code combinations.

    Upon alarm, a digital message is transmitted; alarm and other data are thus forwarded to the receiver. An LED lights whenever alarm or tamper events are reported. The LED does not light while a supervision message is being transmitted. Operating power is obtained from 3 on-board AAA alkaline batteries. A weak battery will cause a low battery alarm message transmitted. When the door/window remains open, it also will give an alarm message.

    A movement of the magnet triggers the internal sensor in the detector. It can trigger an Instant or Delayed intruder.

    Alarm and it also has built in tamper sensors. There inputs for external sensors available. It uses a sophisticated radio communication protocol with a high level of data safety. The detector makes regular auto testing and reports its conditions regularly to the system for full supervision. An automatic testing mode makes testing an ease.

    Main features:
    - Adopted low consumption CPU.
    - Adopted unique mutil code.
    - Auto status report.
    - Anti-lost report.
    - Open door/window indication.
    - Magnetic door contact.
    - Wireless.
    - Operate on three (3) AAA batteries.
    - Tamper switch activates the alarm when it is violated.
    - Contains a panic button.

    This product works perfectly with any of our central alarm systems.

    This wireless item is intended to be used for our Wireless Alarm Systems such as LA-S200, LA-S300, LA-S700 and LA-S850. This item does not work as a standalone. Please keep this in mind before purchasing. Please ask us for our recommendations or questions if you are not sure or need support before purchasing.

    Batteries not included.

    A Wireless security camera can transmit a video and audio signal to a wireless receiver through a radio band. It is sometimes required at least one cable or wire for power, however, some wireless security cameras are battery-powered, making the cameras truly wireless from top to bottom.
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • Wireless magnetic contact for doors with panic button
    Brand LineMak
    Model LA-CM209
    Frequency 433 MHz
    Signal transmit distance 656fts (open area)
    Operation temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
    14ºF ~ 122ºF
    Working voltage 4.5V
    Battery 3-AAA alkaline battery
    System static current <5uA
    System alarm current <15mA
    Color White
    Size 0.99(L) * 2.17(H) * 2.96(W) inches
    Weight 1.77 ounces
  • Manual LA-CM209
    File Size: 156.24Kb
    Languages: Spanish
    File Type: PDF

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