Kit 8 cameras, HD Sensor, 700TVL, IP67, H264, D1/CIF, Pentaplex
  • Kit 8 cameras, HD Sensor, 700TVL, IP67, H264, D1/CIF, Pentaplex - Image 1
  • Kit 8 cameras, HD Sensor, 700TVL, IP67, H264, D1/CIF, Pentaplex - Image 2
  • Kit 8 cameras, HD Sensor, 700TVL, IP67, H264, D1/CIF, Pentaplex - Image 3
  • Kit 8 cameras, HD Sensor, 700TVL, IP67, H264, D1/CIF, Pentaplex - Image 4
  • Kit 8 cameras, HD Sensor, 700TVL, IP67, H264, D1/CIF, Pentaplex - Image 5
  • Kit 8 cameras, HD Sensor, 700TVL, IP67, H264, D1/CIF, Pentaplex - Image 6
  • - D1 / CIF resolution. Plug and Play (P2P) function.
  • - Weatherproof: IP67.
  • - Recording and playback are available in mobile phone.
  • - AES, AGC, AWB, BLC and mirror function.
  • - 3 independent coding streams support (local, network, mobile).
  • - 24pcs LEDs. 65ft~82ft IR distance.
  • Kit of 8 cameras ideal for monitoring homes, offices or local chambers, is easy to install and can see the images captured by the cameras via internet.

    The 8 cameras contain a sensor 1/4" HD Digital Sensor that provides a resolution of 700 TVL and one 3.6mm board lens, it has a viewed angle of 70°, his crown of 24 LEDs 5mm each, allows a night vision of 49ft to 65 feets, these cameras are designed to be installed indoors.

    The DVR is designed for the connection of 8 incoming channel and 3 output channels (BNC, VGA and HDMI), recorded in H.264 format in real time, has a compact size to be placed anywhere, has two USB ports 2.0 and a network port RJ-45, encode 50/60fps at D1 format and 150/180fps at CIF format, playing from 1 to 8 channels simultaneously supports remote access.

    Digital Video Recorder (DVR) LS-RD638E

    This DVR (Digital Video Recorder) is an easy to use device with simultaneous BNC, VGA and HDMI outputs. Monitor your cameras on the Internet everywhere through your PC, mobile cellphone (Android, iPhone) or tablet (Android, iPad) in real time. Its H.264 compression algorithm is ideal for standalone DVR.

    This video surveillance equipment can record images registered by their cameras and is very easy to use.

    Multiple recording modes: manual, alarm, motion detection and timing.
    Multiple control methods: USB mouse.
    Compatible with: WIN98 / WIN2000 / WIN ME / WIN XP / VISTA WIN / WIN SEVEN.

    Main features:
    - D1/Half-D1/CIF/QCIF resolutions.
    - Simultaneous HDMI, VGA and BNC outputs.
    - Plug and play (P2P) function.
    - Recording and playback on mobile phone.
    - Simultaneous playback of all channels.
    - 3G mobile phone and email.
    - 20 visitors support for remote checking.
    - 3 independent coding streams support (local, network, mobile).

    Hard drive not included.
    This Recorder does not include Hard Drive since it depends on the installer or the consumer on what requirement of Hard Drive capacity they are in need. We sell various types of Hard Drives. Please ask us for our recommendations or questions if you are not sure or need support before purchasing.

    Outdoor camera LS-CI341V

    Metal IR waterproof high-resolution bullet camera with a 3.6mm lens and a viewing angle of 70° which has 65ft ~ 82ft range of infrared night vision, and 24pcs LEDs.

    Top of the line equipment regarding sensor and driver.

    This equipment is designed for indoors usage and can be easily installed anywhere going unnoticed thanks to its size. Its resolution, sensitivity and wide opening angle are perfect for monitoring stores, offices, shops, warehouses and anywhere with little or no light.

    For best results, regarding image quality, use our servers and digital video recorders (DVR). See this camera online through any of our recording systems.

    Main features:
    - Weatherproof IR camera with Cable built-in bracket.
    - 24pcs LEDs (5mm each).
    - 65ft to 82ft. IR distance.
    - Real day/night feature.
    - MTV Lens 3.6mm/F2.0.
    - AWB support function: high color reproduction and real image.
    - BLC support function: suitable for objects monitoring under backlight environment.
    - AES support function: adapt to different monitoring environment.
    - AGC support function: adaptive brightness.
    - Mirror function support.

    Power adapter not included.
    This camera does not include power supply since it depends on the installer or the consumer on how they will supply power. We sell individual power supply with different amps and centralized power supply. It all depends on the requirements needed for the installation. Please ask us for our recommendations or questions if you are not sure or need support before purchasing.

    Package contents:
    - 1 Digital Video Recorder (LS-SEDVR6304TSH).
    - 8 Bullet cameras (LS-CI341V).
    - 2 Power supply.
    - 8 Video Cable and DC Cable 33ft each.
    - 2 4-Way power cable spliter.
    - 1 Patch cord 3ft.
    - 1 Mouse.
    - Manual.
    - Software.

    HDMI delivers enhanced image clarity
    HDMI delivers enhanced image clarity
    HDMI supports standard, enhanced or HD video. This recorder features an HDMI output which delivers enhanced image clarity with crisp images and enables you to view your security camera video in HD on your HDTV screen. HD images can be reproduced with the HDMI support for HD display.
    H.264 video compression reduces storage requirements
    H.264 compression greatly reduces the size of your digital video files without compromising image quality. H.264 is a stable, proven compression technology which offers unbeatable recording picture quality and saves you valuable hard drive storage space.
    H.264 video compression reduces storage requirements
    Keep everything under watch with multiple recording modes
    Keep everything under watch with multiple recording modes
    Multiple selectable recording options are available such as motion detection, continuous and scheduled recording. This enables you to choose the appropriate recording type for your security needs and to maximize the number of hours of video you can record and store on your hard drive.
    Full HD sets
    Be able to handle High Definition signal of 1080 lines of information across the screen with Full HD. Since Full HD is only a marketing term, it does not indicate any particular qualities besides 1080p. 1080p televisions have a resolution of 1920×1080 and are progressive scan, which means all lines of each frame of video are drawn on the set.
    Full HD sets
    Backup for saving critical video evidence
    Backup for saving critical video evidence
    The recorder allows still images and recorded video to be offloaded via one or more of these options for quick and easy backup of your critical video evidence: DVD, USB drive or network.
    Motion detection
    Pre-define zones within the area covered by each camera so that the DVR only starts recording when motion is detected within the zone. This saves hard drive space and reduces the amount of video recorded, making it easier to find the video you need if there is an event.
    Motion detection
    Remote monitoring Surveillance
    Remote monitoring Surveillance
    Rely on our current and advanced technology by using any top-of-line wireless sensing device for remotely monitoring your goods or property from everywhere, every time. Be able to manipulate your security system through a simple click and have it all watched like you were nearby.
    Remote setup to access the DVR screen setting
    DVR settings adjustment such as remote firmware upgrade, email notification, recording resolution, and motion recording. All DVR settings in the Display, Record, Device, Storage, System, Security Network and Upgrade screens are accessible remotely, for easy adjustment of related DVR functions.
    Remote setup to access the DVR screen setting
    Weatherproof cameras in a year-round protection
    Weatherproof cameras in a year-round protection
    Our outdoor weatherproof cameras feature at least an IP66 weather rating. These outdoor cameras are built to keep out small particles such as dust and water, and are unaffected by a range of weather conditions including heavy rain and snow.
    IR illumination gives your cameras night vision
    IR illumination provides an extra source of invisible infrared light for surveillance when existing ambient light is either not present or too dim. And it is designed to be easily integrated into the IP network surveillance system and powered by PoE.
    IR illumination gives your cameras night vision
    True Day/Night for round-the-clock surveillance
    True Day/Night for round-the-clock surveillance
    Our day/night cameras with true day/night (ICR) deliver a sharp image in low light and nighttime conditions. There is also real solution to day and night surveillance applications with lenses that deliver clear and sharp color images in daylight and black and white images in darkness using near infrared illumination, without the need to refocus the lens.
    Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES)
    To determine the overall video brightness, it is necessary for cameras to be able to measure an actual scene illumination, being auto-iris the most advanced and commonly used method nowadays. In order to get this, the camera measures the light level and then adjusts the motorized iris in the auto-iris Lens.
    Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES)
    Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    Automatic gain control boosts the video signal coming from the imager to amplify and improve scene illumination.
    Auto White Balance (AWB)
    Function seeking to compensate the backlight events in order to prevent the camera from dazzling with great intensity of light received and so produce an unsatisfactory image. AWB may be entirely sufficient for camera positions with non-traditional environmental illumination changes.
    Auto White Balance (AWB)
    Back Light Compensation (BLC)
    Back Light Compensation (BLC)
    In the security cameras, the BLC is a function that seeks to compensate the backlight situations to prevent the camera dazzles with great intensity of light received and produce an unsatisfactory image.
    A rear-view mirror cameras
    The rear-view mirror camera imitates the function of the actual mirror including the recording function as well, reason why it is highly recommended to use the rear-view camera as a back-up means to check for obstructions behind the car and avoid using it on frozen slippery roads.
    A rear-view mirror cameras
    Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
    Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
    DNR incorporates frame-to-frame noise reduction with spatial noise reduction to produce clear video images with less noise, in low light conditions. It makes images clearer and reduces video file size and reduces the visibility of the random noise during playback of the video.
    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
    Security Cameras (Analogue Cameras) with WDR Function can treat different areas in the image individually. They can also apply separate brightness modifications within the same view. This function is ideal for are scenarios in which stark contrasts and differences in darkness and brightness within the same image view are expected.
    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
    Save money with no contracts and no monthly fees
    Save money with no contracts and no monthly fees
    Once your system is installed, you have the peace of mind that your property is protected with the added advantage of no binding contracts and no recurring monthly subscription fees.
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • 8Ch DVR, H264, VGA/BNC/HDMI output, Audio 4Ch in/1Ch out, D1/CIF
    Brand Linemak
    Model LS-RD638E
    Operating system Embedded Linux
    System resources Pentaplex function (real-time recording, playback, network operation, USB backup, mobile view)
    Graphic user interface (GUI) Support 16-bit true color graphical menu interface and mouse operation
    Resolution D1/Half-D1/CIF/QCIF
    Compression format H.264
    Display quality Monitor: D1; VGA, HDMI: 1920*1080
    Motion detector Zones: 192 (16*12) detection zones,sensitivity: multi-level sensitivity (Only local channels)
    Encode capacity 2ch D1 6ch CIF real-time
    Decode capacity 2ch D1 6ch CIF real-time
    Recording & Playback
    Recording mode Manual, alarm, motion detection, timing
    Local playback Multi-channel Simultaneously playback
    Search mode Time/calendar/event/channel search
    Storage & Backup
    Recording storage HDD, Network
    Backup mode Network backup, USB
    Video input/output Input: 8ch BNC (1.0Vp-p, 75ohm)
    Output: 1ch BNC (1.0Vp-p,75ohm), 1ch VGA, 1ch HDMI
    Audio input/output Input: 4ch RCA (200-2800mV, 30K)
    Output: 1ch RCA (200-3000mV, 5K)
    PTZ Control One RS485 port, support multiple PTZ protocols
    USB Port 2 USB 2.0 ports (save two front interface)
    HDD Port 1 SATA HDD ports (up to 4TB each)
    Network interface RJ45 10M/100M
    Mode control
    Operating mode USB mouse
    Operation temperature 0°C ~ 55°C
    32ºF ~ 131ºF
    Working humidity 10% ~ 90%
    Atmosphere pressure 86kpa ~ 106kpa
    Power supply DC 12V/2A
    Color White
    Size 8.27(L) * 1.57(H) * 8.86(W) inches
    Weight 1.85 pounds
    Mouse Yes
    Bullet camera 1/4 HD Sensor 700TVL 3.6mm lens 24 LEDs 65-82ft IR IP67
    Brand LineMak
    Model LS-CI341V
    Resolution 700TVL
    Sensor 1/4" HD Digital
    Effective pixels PAL: 752*582
    NTSC: 768*494
    Video format PAL / NTSC
    Video output 1.0Vp-p, 75ohm
    Lens MTV Lens 3.6mm / F2.0
    IR Range 65ft ~ 82ft night vision
    LEDs 24pcs (5mm each)
    IR-CUT Filter Yes
    Minimum illumination 0.1 Lux (with LED on)
    Viewing angle 70°
    Operation temperature -20ºC ~ 50ºC
    4ºF ~ 122ºF
    Weatherproof standard IP67 (Dust and water resistance for no longer than 30 minutes nor deeper than 1 meter)
    Power supply DC 12V
    Power consumption 500mA
    Color White
    Size 6.3(L) * 2.17(H) * 1.97(W) inches
    Weight 11.29 ounces
    Special function
    Back Light Compensation (BLC) Included
    Auto White Balance (AWB) Included
    Electronic shutter speed (AES) PAL: 1/50s ~ 1/100,000s
    NTSC: 1/60s ~ 1/100,000s
    Auto Gain Control (AGC) Included
    Mirror Included
    Scanning system 2:1 Interlace
    Synchronizing system Internal
    S/N Ratio >48dB
    Gamma correction >0.45

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