Varifocal lens auto-iris for box type cameras
  • Varifocal lens auto-iris for box type cameras - Image 1
  • - Varifocal lens 6~15mm.
  • - Viewing angle of 53°~20°.
  • - Plastic lens.
  • - Thread type CS.
  • - Perfect for box cameras.
  • The LineMak varifocal lens is a type of lens that adjusts its focal length anywhere, which works efficiently to determine an accurate Field of Vision (FOV). These lenses have the advantage of widening its FOV, but the wider it gets the smaller the focal length turns.

    The design of our varifocal lenses provides your surveillance cameras a nice appearance.

    Thanks to its thread and versatility, the LineMak lens can be removed and replaced whenever you have to. We also offer you a wide lineup of varifocal models from 2.8mm to 15mm.

    Rely on our lenses with the capability of varying its focal length in order to zoom in on images. Adjust their focal length anywhere between their designated range. Varifocal lenses offer more flexibility, which allow the field of view to be adjusted manually. You can also get the view required rather than the limited by the constraints of the fixed Lens.
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • Varifocal lens auto-iris for box type cameras
    Brand LineMak
    Model LS-L0615
    Aperture F1.4
    Focal Lenght 6mm~15mm
    Viewing angle 53° ~ 17°
    Color Black
    Size 2.76(L) * 2.36(D) inches
    Weight 3.35 ounces
    Material Plastic

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