32Ch HVR, H264/G711A, BNC/VGA/HDMI outputs, D1/CIF, 3G/Wi-Fi
  • 32Ch HVR, H264/G711A, BNC/VGA/HDMI outputs, D1/CIF, 3G/Wi-Fi - Image 1
  • 32Ch HVR, H264/G711A, BNC/VGA/HDMI outputs, D1/CIF, 3G/Wi-Fi - Image 2
  • 32Ch HVR, H264/G711A, BNC/VGA/HDMI outputs, D1/CIF, 3G/Wi-Fi - Image 3
  • 32Ch HVR, H264/G711A, BNC/VGA/HDMI outputs, D1/CIF, 3G/Wi-Fi - Image 4
  • - CMS and SDK function. Cloud technology
  • - Mobile surveillance support and IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari surveillance.
  • - It supports IP cameras with ONVIF 2.0 or NET-IP protocol.
  • - Wi-Fi module sold separately. Hard drive not included.
  • - WIFI and 3G support.
  • - BNC, VGA and HDMI outputs.
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  • Easy to use HYBRID DVR/NVR video recorder which features an English menu and motion detection recording. Monitor your cameras on the Internet from anywhere through your PC, mobile cellphone (Android, iPhone) or tablet (Android, iPad) in real time. Remote control included.

    This HVR features, additionally, intelligent analysis and connects you to the Cloud store so you can back up all of you data.

    Compatible with WIN98 / WIN2000 / WIN XP / WIN VISTA / WIN SEVEN.

    Main Features:
    - NVR, DVR and HVR are all in one. It supports connect inputting IP camera via ONVIF protocol and analogue camera via BNC input.
    - Adopting Cloud technology, no need router setting for remote surveillance.
    - Wi-Fi and 3G support.
    - With HDMI port.
    - Come with CMS and SDK.
    - It supports mobile surveillance and IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari surveillance.
    - It supports max 4 pcs HDD (Each HDD MAX, 3TB support).
    - 2 USB ports.
    - RS485 control and different protocol supports.

    Intelligent Function (only one channel has this function):
    - Perimeter alert: cordon and warning area.
    - Items care: items stranded, items stolen and illegal parking.
    - Video diagnosis: brightness anomaly detection, sharpness detection, noise detection, color cast detection, screen freezes detection, scene change detection, anthropogenic interference and PTZ runway detection.

    Wi-Fi module sold separately

    Hard drive not included.

    This Recorder does not include Hard Drive since it depends on the installer or the consumer on what requirement of Hard Drive capacity they are in need. We sell various types of Hard Drives. Please ask us for our recommendations or questions if you are not sure or need support before purchasing.

    H.264 video compression reduces storage requirements
    H.264 video compression reduces storage requirements
    H.264 compression greatly reduces the size of your digital video files without compromising image quality. H.264 is a stable, proven compression technology which offers unbeatable recording picture quality and saves you valuable hard drive storage space.
    HDMI delivers enhanced image clarity
    HDMI supports standard, enhanced or HD video. This recorder features an HDMI output which delivers enhanced image clarity with crisp images and enables you to view your security camera video in HD on your HDTV screen. HD images can be reproduced with the HDMI support for HD display.
    HDMI delivers enhanced image clarity
    Accurate alarm recording allows you to cover the whole event
    Accurate alarm recording allows you to cover the whole event
    This feature works with the motion detection capability of the DVR or alarm contacts attached to a door or window. When an incident is detected, the DVR records a pre-set amount of time before and after the event to the hard drive. This enables you to see what happened before and after motion was detected and view additional information about the circumstances leading up to and after it.
    Keep everything under watch with multiple recording modes
    Multiple selectable recording options are available such as motion detection, continuous and scheduled recording. This enables you to choose the appropriate recording type for your security needs and to maximize the number of hours of video you can record and store on your hard drive.
    Keep everything under watch with multiple recording modes
    Remote setup to access the DVR screen setting
    Remote setup to access the DVR screen setting
    DVR settings adjustment such as remote firmware upgrade, email notification, recording resolution, and motion recording. All DVR settings in the Display, Record, Device, Storage, System, Security Network and Upgrade screens are accessible remotely, for easy adjustment of related DVR functions.
    Motion detection
    Pre-define zones within the area covered by each camera so that the DVR only starts recording when motion is detected within the zone. This saves hard drive space and reduces the amount of video recorded, making it easier to find the video you need if there is an event.
    Motion detection
    Be informed
    Be informed
    The DVR will automatically send an email alert with a text notification when an event triggered by motion has occurred. This provides a record of the event and enables you quickly to take action when an incident occurs.
    A device called a wireless transmitter receives information from the internet via your broadband connection. The transmitter converts the information into a radio signal and sends it. Wireless for home security systems also act as a visible deterrent to criminals that allow you to record events at home and/or monitor staff at work.
    Backup for saving critical video evidence
    Backup for saving critical video evidence
    The recorder allows still images and recorded video to be offloaded via one or more of these options for quick and easy backup of your critical video evidence: DVD, USB drive or network.
    Monitoring 3G
    Monitors 3G work like a standard baby monitor system with an iOS device serving as a monitor in the baby's room or anywhere else the baby may be and a second device as the parent's listening station. Since having a baby requires constant monitoring, with a baby monitor 3g you will be able to watch over and provide them with safety and happiness
    Monitoring 3G
    Remote monitoring Surveillance
    Remote monitoring Surveillance
    Rely on our current and advanced technology by using any top-of-line wireless sensing device for remotely monitoring your goods or property from everywhere, every time. Be able to manipulate your security system through a simple click and have it all watched like you were nearby.
    Save money with no contracts and no monthly fees
    Once your system is installed, you have the peace of mind that your property is protected with the added advantage of no binding contracts and no recurring monthly subscription fees.
    Save money with no contracts and no monthly fees
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • 32Ch HVR, H264/G711A, BNC/VGA/HDMI outputs, D1/CIF, 3G/Wi-Fi
    Brand LineMak
    Model LS-FA6032S
    Operating system Linux
    System resources Pentaplex function (live, recording, playback, backup and remote access)
    Display area 1/4/8/9/16/24/32 Channel
    Graphic user interface (GUI) GUI, on-screen menu tips
    Resolution D1 / CIF
    Compression format H.264 (Main Profile)
    Display quality Monitor: D1
    VGA/HDMI: HD (MAX 1920*1080)
    Encode capacity 8-Ch real time D1
    24-Ch real time CIF
    Decode capacity 8-Ch real time D1
    8-Ch real time CIF
    Multi-mode input Only analog: 8-D1, 24-CIF
    Frame rate PAL: 50fps
    NTSC: 60fps
    Audio compression G.711A
    Bidirectional talk Yes
    Recording & Playback
    Recording mode Alarm, motion detection, manual and timing
    Local playback Max. 16CH playback (8*D1 / 8CIF)
    Search mode Time/Date, Alarm, Motion Detection and exact search (accurate to second)
    Storage & Backup
    Space ocupation Video: D1 16~20G/day/ch
    Audio: 691.2M/day/channel
    Backup mode Network download / Flash stick or USB DVD-RM
    Video input/output Input: 32-Ch BNC (1.0Vp-p, 75ohm)
    Output: 2-Ch BNC (1.0Vp-p, 75ohm), 1-Ch VGA and 1-Ch HDMI
    Audio input/output Input: 16-Ch RCA
    Output: 1-Ch RCA
    Alarm input/output Input: 16-Ch
    Output: 4-Ch
    PTZ Control 1*RS-485 and 1*RS-232 ports
    USB Port 2 USB 2.0
    HDD Port 4 SATA HDDs (up to 3TB each)
    Wireless port 3G and WIFI (extension via USB port)
    Network interface 1 RJ45 10M/100M Base-T port (self-adaptive Ethernet port)
    Motion detection zone 192 (16*12) detection zones
    Event notificacion Trigger recording, tour, alarm, email and FTP
    Power supply DC 12V/6A
    Color Black
    Size 16.15(L) * 2.37(H) * 16.93(W) inches
    Weight 9.56 pounds
    Sensitivity 1~6 (6 being highest)

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