Passive Video Balun with Power 300m / 1000ft
  • Passive Video Balun with Power 300m / 1000ft - Image 1
  • - It support power supply on 12V DC or 24V AC.
  • - Super interference rejection.
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passive video balun with power 300m / 1000ft
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Price for all 3: $132.97
  • Conductor device with converter function of unbalanced transmission lines to balanced lines, through a pair of wires with opposite polarities.

    Our video balun also counts with impedance functions, whose potency varies its design and construction material of the device.

    Main features:
    - Color video transmission up to 300m / 1000ft.
    - Power transmission up to 250m / 750ft.
    - It support power supply on 12V DC or 24V AC
    - Compatible with single power transceiver and power supply hub
    - Built-in surge and transsient protection.
    - Super interference rejection
    - LED indicate whether working (green light) or not working(yellow light).
    - Video transmission Via UTP CAT5.

    Voltage Drop According to Cable Length (24AWG):

    Transmission DistanceTransmission Voltage
    DC 12V, 0.05A
    Transmission Voltage
    DC 12V, 1A
    Transmission Voltage
    DC 12V, 1.5A
    500m / 160ft13.5V15.5V17.0V
    100m / 320ft15.5V18.5V22.0V
    150m / 500ft17.0V22.0V27.0V
    200m / 650ft18.5V25.5V32.0V
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • Passive Video Balun with Power 300m / 1000ft
    Brand LineMak
    Model LS-UTP101PVD
    Video Balun
    Video Properties Compatible with Pal, NTSC, SECAM.
    Video Signal Band 250MHz (-3db)
    Signal transmission band 0 - 6MHz
    Transmission distance Video Transmission: Distance up to 300m /1000ft
    Power Transmission: Distance up to 250m/750ft
    Video Protection Standard 2KV Common mode; 2KV Differential mode (10/700us) / IEC61000-4-5/1955
    Suggested Max Current 1.5Amp
    Suggested Cable UTP Cat 5E
    Color Black
    Size 8.27(L) * 079(H) * 1.18(W) inches
    Weight 3.17 ounces

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