Linemak HD-MAK IP PTZ camera 1/2.8 SONY CCD 2MP 12 LED IP66 IK6 PoE
  • Linemak HD-MAK IP PTZ camera 1/2.8 SONY CCD 2MP 12 LED IP66 IK6 PoE - Image 1
  • - Vandalproof IK6 and IP66 Weatherpoof.
  • - Super Flux IR LEDs, 328ft IR distance.
  • - H.264 BP/MP/HP/MJPEG optional four coding algorithm
  • - HD resolution (1920*1080)
  • - 22X HD optical zoom.
  • - NAS storage support.
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  • LineMak HD-MAK, IP network vandalproof PTZ dome camera. High image quality and resolution, has different settings for surveillance and remote monitoring with average speed of PAN / TIL / ZOOM lens and auto focus, and OSD menu. Available in white.

    This equipment can be located on high for surveillance sheds, warehouses, offices and anywhere with lighting places. For best results, regarding image quality, use our servers and digital video recorders (DVR).

    Watch this camera online through any of our recording systems.

    Main features:
    - IR distance up to 328ft.
    - Dot array IR LED.
    - Full range of 3D positioning, rotational speed 0.01-240°/sec adjustable.
    - New generation of 1/2.8" CMOS, low power consumption, capture moving images without jagged edges, no smear.
    - Self-3A software algorithms (auto exposure, auto white balance, auto focus), the image permeability clear, true color reproduction.
    - HD resolution, 1920-1080/30fps support, able to see more critical details.
    - Support H.264 BP/MP/HP/MJPEG optional four coding algorithm, as well as strong compatibility.
    - 22X HD optical zoom, wide range of scenarios to meet the monitoring and surveillance details.
    - Use camera lens coating technology, to avoid fogging.
    - IDS intelligent dimming systems, according to magnification, distance and screen brightness, intelligent IR LED brightness adjustment.
    - Efficient IR LEDs, low power consumption, long life and irradiation distance of 328ft.
    - IR LED and camera movement separation design, effectively prevent IR light shines on the lens.
    - Movable IR cut filter for true day and night switching.
    - Built-in high-speed PTZ rotation speed flexible. Horizontal 0.01-240°/sec, Vertical: 0.01-120°/sec, fast response based on the user the angle monitoring.
    - 255 preset positions support to meet diversified customer point surveillance.
    - 3D image positioning support, client software can be achieved with the click track and zoom.
    - Multiple alarm function support: motion detection, I/O alarm, disk alarm; alarm linkage support.
    - 1-Ch alarm input support, 1-Ch alarm output, and two-way voice intercom.
    - Micro SD card support (Up to 32GB).
    - NAS storage support.
    - Software and hardware watchdog, automatic fault recovery.
    - IP66 weatherproof rating.
    - TVS4000V lightning protection, breakthrough, anti-surge support.
    - Metal linkage cooling design.

    Internet Protocol Address (or IP Address) is a unique address that computing devices use to identify themselves and communicate with other devices in the Internet Protocol network. An IP address is analogous to a street address or telephone number in that it is used to uniquely identify a network device to deliver mail message, or call ("view") a website.
    Cover what's in front of you with Pan-Tilt
    With pan-tilt feature (panning referring to horizontal movement of the lens and tilting to vertical movement), you can control the movement of the camera from a remote location by using controls on an Internet browser or software application. Cover large areas when used for security monitoring or recording without any user input, especially overnight.
    Cover what's in front of you with Pan-Tilt
    The vandal-proof provides robust protection from vandalism. If the camera has integrated housing shields from dust and water, it will be allowed to be applied in the harsh weather conditions of outdoor environments as well. A vandal-proof camera is a camera and housing intended to resist vandalism, making sure the camera will continue to operate in conditions where people attempt to break it or impair its function.
    IR illumination gives your cameras night vision
    IR illumination provides an extra source of invisible infrared light for surveillance when existing ambient light is either not present or too dim. And it is designed to be easily integrated into the IP network surveillance system and powered by PoE.
    IR illumination gives your cameras night vision
    Weatherproof cameras in a year-round protection
    Weatherproof cameras in a year-round protection
    Our outdoor weatherproof cameras feature at least an IP66 weather rating. These outdoor cameras are built to keep out small particles such as dust and water, and are unaffected by a range of weather conditions including heavy rain and snow.
    PoE (Power over Ethernet)
    is a technology that allows network equipment such as IP cameras, in addition to the data, get their power through the Ethernet UTP cable.
    PoE (Power over Ethernet)
    HD video
    HD video
    Large areas are covered by a single lens which straight-up great picture quality, design and features.
    H.264 video compression reduces storage requirements
    H.264 compression greatly reduces the size of your digital video files without compromising image quality. H.264 is a stable, proven compression technology which offers unbeatable recording picture quality and saves you valuable hard drive storage space.
    H.264 video compression reduces storage requirements
    LED array
    LED array
    The infrared led array has a wider emitting angle than traditional infrared leds. Traditional infrared leds can only emit the active infrared ray in a narrow angle. When there is a security camera with infrared led array, the emitted infrared will cover the whole surveillance area, which means the infrared led array camera can see the whole area in a dark environment such as at night.
    True Day/Night for round-the-clock surveillance
    Our day/night cameras with true day/night (ICR) deliver a sharp image in low light and nighttime conditions. There is also real solution to day and night surveillance applications with lenses that deliver clear and sharp color images in daylight and black and white images in darkness using near infrared illumination, without the need to refocus the lens.
    True Day/Night for round-the-clock surveillance
    Auto White Balance (AWB)
    Auto White Balance (AWB)
    Function seeking to compensate the backlight events in order to prevent the camera from dazzling with great intensity of light received and so produce an unsatisfactory image. AWB may be entirely sufficient for camera positions with non-traditional environmental illumination changes.
    Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES)
    To determine the overall video brightness, it is necessary for cameras to be able to measure an actual scene illumination, being auto-iris the most advanced and commonly used method nowadays. In order to get this, the camera measures the light level and then adjusts the motorized iris in the auto-iris Lens.
    Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES)
    Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
    Automatic gain control boosts the video signal coming from the imager to amplify and improve scene illumination.
    Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
    DNR incorporates frame-to-frame noise reduction with spatial noise reduction to produce clear video images with less noise, in low light conditions. It makes images clearer and reduces video file size and reduces the visibility of the random noise during playback of the video.
    Digital Noise Reduction (DNR)
    A rear-view mirror cameras
    A rear-view mirror cameras
    The rear-view mirror camera imitates the function of the actual mirror including the recording function as well, reason why it is highly recommended to use the rear-view camera as a back-up means to check for obstructions behind the car and avoid using it on frozen slippery roads.
    Monitoring 3G
    Monitors 3G work like a standard baby monitor system with an iOS device serving as a monitor in the baby's room or anywhere else the baby may be and a second device as the parent's listening station. Since having a baby requires constant monitoring, with a baby monitor 3g you will be able to watch over and provide them with safety and happiness
    Monitoring 3G
    Full HD sets
    Full HD sets
    Be able to handle High Definition signal of 1080 lines of information across the screen with Full HD. Since Full HD is only a marketing term, it does not indicate any particular qualities besides 1080p. 1080p televisions have a resolution of 1920×1080 and are progressive scan, which means all lines of each frame of video are drawn on the set.
    Smart IR allows the capture of clear, sharp images in low light
    The camera’s Smart IR (smart infrared) feature automatically adjusts the infrared light required in a scene as the subject moves closer to or further away from the camera, resulting in optimal brightness and a sharp, clear image that’s neither washed out or too dark.
    Smart IR allows the capture of clear, sharp images in low light
    Remote monitoring Surveillance
    Remote monitoring Surveillance
    Rely on our current and advanced technology by using any top-of-line wireless sensing device for remotely monitoring your goods or property from everywhere, every time. Be able to manipulate your security system through a simple click and have it all watched like you were nearby.
    Do not lose track of anything, especially when an irregular event occurs. The autofocus technology offers you a new alternative in terms of surveillance systems since you can keep track of a particular object or person without causing disruptions in case the suspect is moving towards or away from you.
    OSD Menu
    OSD Menu
    Most monitors include an on screen menu for making adjustments to the display through which you can navigate through the menu and make adjustments by using the Plus (+) and Minus (-) buttons, usually located next to the menu button. OSD include basic brightness and contrast controls. This superimposed image on the screen is commonly used by modern TV sets for volume, channel and time control.
    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
    Security Cameras (Analogue Cameras) with WDR Function can treat different areas in the image individually. They can also apply separate brightness modifications within the same view. This function is ideal for are scenarios in which stark contrasts and differences in darkness and brightness within the same image view are expected.
    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR)
    Warranty: One (1) Year
  • Linemak HD-MAK IP PTZ camera 1/2.8 SONY CCD 2MP 12 LED IP66 IK6 PoE
    Brand LineMak HD-MAK
    Model LS-IPS54-80DR-Z22
    Resolution 2.0Mp
    Sensor 1/2.8" Exmor CMOS
    Effective pixels 1920*1080
    Resolution 1920*1080 / 640*360
    Video format PAL/NTSC
    Compression format H.264 High profile / Base Profile / Main Profile. Stream2 Support H.264 or MJPEG
    Video output Service BNC Video Output (Software PAL or NTSC)
    Display quality CBR (fixed quality as bit rate) / VBR quality 1-9 values
    Frame rate 25 / 30fps
    Streams Stream1: Full resolution
    Stream2: VGA / D1 / CIF or QCIF selectable.
    Audio compression G711 A-Law, G711 U-Law, RAW_PCM
    Recording & Playback
    Recording mode Local Micro SD Memory, remote FTP server, TCP/UDP CMS.
    Storage & Backup
    Recording storage Local storage, NAS storage
    SD Card slot Micro SD card / HCSD card up to 32GB
    NAS Record Support
    Audio input/output Input: 1-Ch
    Output: 1-Ch, supports two-way voice
    Alarm input/output Input: 2 alarm
    Output: 1 alarm
    PTZ Control RS-485
    Network interface 1 Ethernet (10/100 Base-T) RJ-45 Connector / one network Coupler Supplied
    User access restriction Password protection, support multi-level user group management, custom permissions
    On-line user Supports up to 10 users simultaneously access
    Network protocol HTTP, TCP/IP (IPv4 / IPv6 (DHCP / Fixed)), UDP/IP, RTSP, FTP, DHCP, NTP, PPoE, NTP. Unicast and Multicast supported. Video streaming from SDK and NVMS / NVR software or 3rd party applications. User ports setting for web port, RTSP Port, and SDK control Port and alarm port.
    Web Browser Built-in WEB services remotely via IE browser and configuration
    RTSP Video Standard RFC2326, suppots quicktime/VLC Player. User security authentication (Enabled/Disabled)
    Lens 4.7mm(Wide) ~ 103mm(Tele) / F1.6 - F3.2
    IR Range 328ft night vision
    LEDs 12pcs LEDs High Powered Super Flux
    Zoom 22x optical
    IR-CUT Filter Yes
    Infrared wavelength 850nm
    Auto Iris Yes
    Focus Automatic / Manual
    Minimum illumination 0.1 Lux (with LED off)
    0.002 Lux (with LED on)
    Viewing angle 58.16° ~ 2.9°
    Safety Support 802.1x, PKI digital certificates
    Motion detection zone Yes
    PTZ Control Can rotate / Zoom control by software keyboard client / WEB end; support 3D positioning
    Preset 255
    Preset speed 120º/sec.
    Patrol track 6 (5 minutes or 1000 bar)
    Pattern tracking record 12 (each group can add 32 presets)
    Scan 12 (Progressive)
    Rotation range Horizontal: 360° continuous
    Vertical: 0°~180º auto rotation
    Rotation speed Horizontal: 0.01~120º/sec
    Vertical: 0.01~120º/sec.
    Guarding position Time can be set (1~240 minutes)
    3D Positioning Support
    Privacy mask 5 regions (region size can be set)
    Operation temperature -40°C ~ 60°C
    -40°F ~ 140°F
    Storage temperature -40°C ~ 85°C
    -40°F ~ 185°F
    Weatherproof standard IP66 (protection against dust and strong water pressure)
    Working humidity <90% RH (Operation)
    Vandalproof Resistance IK6
    Power supply DC 24V (Local plug adaptor supplied) / 30W (Max)
    Power consumption 60W (Maximum power)
    20W (Heater power)
    Color White
    Size 12.99(L) * 17.32(H) * 9.84(W) inches
    Weight 16.17 pounds
    Special function
    Auto White Balance (AWB) Yes
    Electronic shutter speed (AES) 1/25~1/10000 seconds
    Auto Gain Control (AGC) Yes
    Digital Noise Reduction (DNR) Yes
    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) Yes
    Mirror Yes
    Brightness Variable 0~100
    LCD adjusment Sharpness, saturation, brightness, gain, shutter adjustable
    Synchronizing system Internal
    S/N Ratio >50dB
    Installation Wall mounted / ceiling installation
    Code Rate CBR / VBR
    Orientation Horizontal Mirror / Vertical Flip
    Text Overlay Time / Date / Camera / Custom OSD
    Sharpness Variable 0~100
    Approvals CE / FCC / RoHS Compliant
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    Languages: English
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